About Us

We at Elvana Therapeutics provide guidelines to many health professionals around the world to ensure they are meeting the safety guidelines for their particular area. We are a not-for-profit organization and we aim to promote proper use of medicine and medical practices across the globe. We do this by producing documents outlining the therapeutic guideline for any particular health discipline.


Our guidelines provide clear, practical and up to date information regarding medical practice and health benefits. We are a very well respected organization and each document involves thorough checking by our panel of experts.


Our guidelines are available on print form and electronic format suitable for computer, laptop and mobile devices. Our printed documents are available in large A4 size hardcover.


We currently have a wide customer base situated all over the world. Ranging from Doctors in Chicago, Illinois  to Chiropractors in Sydney. Contact us today to order yours now.

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Dr Barry McDonald - General Practitioner 

  • Guideline: formatting and relevant content – Ease of use.
  • Behavioral aspects of use: how guidelines, when, why and what.
  • Outcomes – benefits and improvement health outcomes.
  • Practice areas of improvement: Which areas to improve upon?